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Custom Cabinet Making in the Sutherland Shire

Kelloways Kitchens are specialists in custom cabinet making. Outfit your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom with bespoke, elegant cabinets from our team of dedicated craftsmen. Get cabinets made to your specification or tailored directly to your space by our expert craftsmen. At Kelloways Kitchens, we recognise that no two spaces are the same, with each job we take on we thoroughly analyse your current, or envisioned area and produce cabinets made specifically for you. We take your requests on board and apply them to not only the design, but the manufacturing process. By doing this we ensure you receive a product with longevity in functionality and style. People tend to underestimate the value that proper cabinetry can bring to a space, here at Kelloways we excel at building cabinets that refresh and stylise your interior space.

Cabinets That Are Built to Last

All our cabinets are built with useability in mind. To us at Kelloways, usability doesn't just mean does it work today, but will it work long into the future? Cabinets are something that are interacted with on a daily basis, so engineering low maintenance and durable solutions are of utmost importance to us. Our cabinets are proven to be durable while maintaining sleek, elegant and mature aesthetics without compromise. With Kelloways and their team of cabinet builders and designers you can ensure that no missteps are taken transforming your dream space into a reality.

Custom Made Cabinets for Any Space

Kelloways custom cabinets have a major advantage over flatpack and mass produced designs. Where other designs won't fit due to irregular shapes, limited space or grand design requirements, our custom made solutions ensure that your vision becomes a reality. We can make cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and anything in between.

Contact Kelloways Kitchens today for custom cabinet making and outfit your space with cabinetry which fulfills your design dreams.